The Best of Louboutin

Christian Louboutin is hitting headlines in the current world of fashion! His picks in feminine shoes are leaving many amazed by making the world’s sexiest shoes.From magazine covers to the feet of celebrities, the brand seems to be flying up high. So, if you are yet to stake your sexiness and sexuality on the Christian Louboutin’s shoes, then you are sadly buried way back in poor and forgotten brands.

Having ventured into the shoe business almost 20 years ago, Christian Louboutin seems to have clinched the secret behind women’s taste in shoes.

Women who are yet to feel the power of seduction should give it a try by rocking this every girl’s favorite shoes.

So, what does Christian Louboutin has to offer:

Below is a list of some of the best Christian Louboutin Shoes.


Christian Louboutin understood that every girl wants some espadrilles in her wardrobe, and so he hit hard on this cataclou red shoe brand. The impressive beige color on these heels makes them match with many current styles. They come with a stud lining that gives the right embellishment. Finally, their comfortable heel makes you stand awesomely high putting you in a position to show your sexy look and style altogether. They are perfect for the office as well as a night out on a date. Sweet right?


Ever thought of rocking some sexy sandals? Beauty k popularly known as shoe booty is one among the lusty worthy brands of Christian Louboutin. Their gold color and sleek design make them just more than sandals. Their comfortable 4-inch heel completes them perfectly for a night date or an excellent afternoon walk.


This red bottom pump is perfectly made to lead your way into other Christian Louboutin shoes. Their comfortable platform and round-toe make them more than classic. Their 5.5-inch heel will make you yearn for a night out. They come in nude and red colors which can be awesome alternatives to the classic black pump shoe.


The name suggests something great about this shoes. Are they some queen’s shoes or something?. Well, let us find out. The shoe design is no different from that of a queen. Think of a 2-inch platform and a 6-inch heel. So people may bow before you as they pass by. Excellent right? They are designed from genuine high-level leather and covered in carefully selected gold flecks to give that radiant brand perfectly unique for a queen. Incredible!


With a close resemblance to Cinderella’s glass made slippers this shoe is edgy and dainty altogether.

This shoe is designed with unique round crystals to give a perfect glass effect. A fur inch heel is critical in making this shoe more attractive. The shoe heel is coated entirely with sparkling silver adding some sexiness to the shoe. What a shoe!


Designed from python material, this shoe is a direct proof that the rarest material is the most coveted. The multi-colored print style, a 4-inch heel, and a pointed toe make this product uniquely hot. The shoe fantasy is brought to life by the simple leather cuts and awesome colors.


The world of glamor is ultimately brought to life by this brand. They are a perfect symbol of art with crystals and stitchings covering every part of the shoe. The design focuses on some d’Orsay style and perfectly suits the fantasy that all ladies desire from excellent shoes. Too good to be buried at the back of the wardrobe.

The shoes are worth more than the few dollars they cost.

Make the right turn to a classic shoe wardrobe!

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